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Blackmail Fantasy Live On Webcam


There’s no online as the one we’re about to present here. Right from the start, you will be dealing with one of the milf bondage enthusiasts in our community and, that she is keen on satin games on.

kinky blackmail


Presuming that you have a financial domination fetish than this milf bondage connoisseur’s bdsm chat room is the one to enter in live xxx tv chat. You’ll find her easily by browsing for its nickname: Goddess, don’t worry. In her bdsm chat room, this cam Domina will tell you what fur coat you have to pay for her, to get her attention in live xxx tv chat.You will become her money pig eventually!She loves money pigs and cash line losers, so make sure to enter that chat and let her drain you, you know you want to , you know how weak you are and how your only purpose in life is to give her the money she deserves, She deserves luxuries you do not, Let her blackmail you into  spoiling her  and devoting your life to her. Blackmail on webcam with the best blackmail mistresses live fantasy cam to cam blackmail webcams available 24/7

Keen on a naughty roleplay? No biggie, DIRTYFOXYX signed up on s just for that. This ebony bondage model has an xxx live bdsm cam room in which she treats her members to some of the nastiest sexual fantasies out there. Why don’t you join the other guys in chat who like viewing this black chick tying her tits in her bdsm cam room, like the genuine ebony bondage slave that she is? She just loves to make others happy in her xxx live room.

Black blackmail mistress or white blackmail mistress whatever it is you desire is here right now waiting to exploit you and ruin you.
Why should a loser like you have any luxuries? Had you to think there didn’t you loser? You know the answer to that question as well as I do! You Deserve Nothing, not a thing, once a loser always a loser.

All Mistresses mentioned in this blog LOVE BLACKMAIL FANTASY and will have you on your knees begging them not to use  your information or not to exploit you anymore via TeamViewer


Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress will be back on webcam on Wednesday ready to abuse all her pathetic grovelling blackmailed slaves. Some of you know I had to be off for a couple of weeks but I will be back on Wednesday ready to use and abuse and blackmail my pathetic grovelling slaves.


Blackmail is such a fun scenario for me as a blackmail Mistress when I start to wheedle all that information out you know how scared and worried you are but yet I get so much fun seeing you grovelling and begging me not to spill your little secrets. Well as you know the blackmail fantasy is about fantasy roleplay but I love to see just how far you will go about keeping me happy and proving that you are a worthy slave ( which I doubt) sissy blackmail humiliation

I want my blackmail losers and new blackmail losers who have been thinking about dabbling in the blackmail fetish, to start thinking of their fantasies of it. How would it work? what would be the ultimate ? would it be when I have total control of your life? Or would you not get that far? Think about this thing before you come into my so we don’t waste time.

My time is precious and you should be so happy I bother to deal with you, that’s a good old hard fact!
So this was just a quick update to say I will be back on Wednesday night ready to meet some new slaves who want to try the whole blackmail fantasy /blackmail fetish. I love the whole humiliation of it.

Just to keep things right it is always consensual blackmail, it is what we will both agree to and do in a fantasy situation.

Want to try out your blackmail humiliation? or your blackmail Domination? or your blackmail fantasy then click here and be prepared to submit

Femdom and how much Mistress loves every single aspect of and being superior over you the little loser, to have you crawl at my feet and worship me and adore me and look up to me admiring my power and authority over you the pathetic little weak loser, that you are and always be. Femdom has always interested me as well as every single aspect of humiliation. Live humiliation for example


Sissy Humiliated On Webcam

Sissy Humiliated on Webcam

Sissy maid sally! Humiliated and degraded on cam. I have enjoyed camming with this sissy maid as well as using her in real life many times. The first time we met was in a dungeon and she was so humiliated when I made her suck and lick every Mistresses foot who worked in the dungeon. She then had to run around all day making us tea and ensuring we were ok. It was a great session and I have continued to humiliate and blackmail this sissy slut since then.


Sally always comes to come fully dressed and is always very obedient, she knows what happens to her if she does step out of line. I have all of her personal information and she knows the next time we meet she must sign the new contract.One of our favourite sites to test out with hundreds of live femdom mistresses waiting to blackmail you right now live

If you need to be blackmailed on cam by Mistresses who just love to humiliate, degrade, abuse and have you in fear all the time then be sure to check out the link above.

show1  show2

Sally was made to fuck her ass with her wifes’ shoe as well as with banana then made to eat it slowly in front of Mistress, I have to admit she booked a few times which was funny for Mistress to watch. I love sissies and subs who will get kinky on cam for me and push the boundaries. If you are ready to have your boundaries pushed with NO safe words then be sure to visit me on live cam soon.

show3  show4

If you are ready to be totally humiliated and degraded on webcam by strict Dommes who giv no mercy and in fact love to watch you crumble. using blackmail and financial pressure on you then be sure to check out our Live Mistresses who are waiting right now to tear you apart.Check out our site at our other site which is full of live strict mistresses on webcam waiting to blackmail you live now





Financial Slave Giving Over Money

Financial slave giving money


This is one of my pathetic useless little creatures giving Mistress the money he had been saving her for her to acknowledge him.

kinky blackmail


He is so pathetic and useless and laughable that MISTRESS decided his story had to be told so this is one of a few blogs I will be writing about Mr J who has been both my financial slave, cuckold slave and my blackmailed slave.

I know everything about this little joke of a man. Blackmailed forced to do humiliating things including speaking on video and meeting with Mistress for a real-time session.

This financial slave adores his Money greedy mistress who starves him of oxygen when he is in the same room as her. Mistress detests him he is hopeless and really not even worth my time writing about this joke of a slave but it amuses me to know he hates this blog with a passion especially now I have told him his story is out for all to read about.
financial slavery,blackmail cams

So this is Mr J who I have met a few times for real-time sessions and loved abusing him so much and draining him of the money that is so rightfully mine he works to PAY ME or else I tell his wife everything and I mean everything as well as message her on her facebook about him.Mr j knows his place is to do as I tell him when I tell him and he has a contract and has been my owned slave for almost 3 years through webcam chat and real-time meets he knows what he has to do to keep me sweet. watch out on my next blogs for his beginning letters yes he paid for Mistresses wedding rings, in fact, he begged to pay for them as well as money towards her honeymoon

he is such a fucken loser twat idiot knob!! check out

Sissy Debbie Blackmail

What can I say tonight about this dirty little slut Debbie? She stays in a hotel in London for three days a week and I insist that she get dressed up and come online and speak to me or else I tell the hotel manager and staff what she is up to. Yes, Debbie, the slut likes to think she is a respected person in that hotel and if they knew the truth the would probably ban her from every staying with them again.



How humiliating would that be Debbie?

I have decided It’s time this little sissy slut started to do some cam shows for a massive free audience, let them all watch and direct what happens to this pathetic little whore.I have warned Misssy slut face that it is a matter of time before I arrange for some big butch guy to come over and spank her ass and make her suck his cock, and of course, this little bitch would do just about anything because she is terrified that i tell everyone her little secret. .




Everyone meet Debbie delight I know, what a name I mean she is far from a  delight she is really more of a disaster, she is a dirty sissy whore and she knows it.

Debbie was ordered to suck her juicy big dildo and wow did she gargle on that you could tell just how hungry she was for cock and I truly think this should happen for Debbie the slut, a couple of guys coming round to abuse her and do whatever I demand of them.

Debbie is terrified about the hotel staff finding out about her.

She knows I would have no problems in calling them to tell them and emailing these pictures over to them as I am sure they would know who she was right away.

Debbie the blackmailed sissy knows she must continue to keep Mistress happy and to continue with any tasks that she is told to do.

This is one very kinky dirty slut and I just love to see the look of pannick on her face when I lift my phone to call the hotel, she begs and pleads for me to put the phone down, it is hilarious.

Dirty, cheap cock sucking little whore deserves all she gets


I think I will be getting this little bitch a job at it’s time she actually started earning me some money.

If anyone reading this would like to have a crack at this cock loving whore then do comment underneath

It’s time some real men visited and treated her like the whore hi


Financial Domination Written By Loser

Another Blog post was written by a pathetic slave who has been financially drained many times as well as blackmailed. He really is pathetic I told him I wanted 500 words but when I checked it turns out he wrote 474 words, that is just not good enough! He should know better than to make a stupid mistake like that

Now he has to decide if I fine him £40 or make him write 4000 words will keep you updated on my decision. He knows he has to do whatever I demand as I have too much on him, few clicks of the mouse and I end his world as he once knew it.The reason I am letting him decide is that I know he will hate both and struggle to choose one. He will reply to a comment for you all to see – Humiliated slaves click here


financial domination

Mistress, here is my essay as instructed. Hopefully, it is OK for you.


thank you for the task


If you have established a relationship with a Mistress, either in real life or online then financial domination should be the next step in your devotion and submission to your Mistress.


It is one of the most submissive acts that a slave can undertake for his Mistress. Just think of the loss of power and control you would experience as your Mistress controlled your life. You would spend all day not knowing what her next demand would be or how much it will cost you, gradually being pulled deeper and deeper into her power.


Of course, this can be taken to extreme lengths too. The Mistress may decide to keep increasing the steaks depending on how things are developing. Many slaves actually want this extreme form of financial control. Having no access to their bank accounts, their Mistress deciding on how much they can have to live on. Slowly and surely she can take you to the brink of ruin and turn you into nothing but a subservient money pig for her. Your life changed forever.

And don’t think it is just the money the Mistress is interested in, although that is nice, it’s the power she has over the lowly slave that is just as important. The total power of controlling their slaves’ life, not for an hour or two, but for 24/7 is a very big attraction to many Mistresses.


Of course, there are many levels this practice can be undertaken on. It works well with blackmail, all your details in the hands of your Mistress. If you upset her or fail to comply with her orders, will she phone your wife or friends or publish your details online? That should be enough to keep any slave in line.

Of course, it doesn’t have to go down the extreme financial ruin route. If you have agreed on limits beforehand, such as in a contract, then the Mistress will stick to these limits for the duration of the agreement. Unless of course you are so entwined in her web that you agree, or even beg, to be pushed harder.  That is the thing with submitting in this way, you just never know where it will lead as your Mistress gradually breaks down any will you have to resist her demands.


So really for all slaves thinking of going down this road then what you will experience is a loss of control and a level of service that you have never been subjected to before. A real sense of submission and of being owned by someone far superior to you are.

Sounds tempting.  Doesn’t it?


Written by loser twat John


To see mistress live to make sure to visit here

or you can see other live dommes who just love financial ruin and to break you and ruin you this is what we live for as mistresses to watch you suffer. so if you are now ready to have your life ruined enter the live chats right here mistress and

Blackmailed Webcam Slave

Blackmailed Slave On Webcam Stories

After a long discussion with Steve, I decided it was time this frilly pathetic little sissy should be discussed openly on my blog.

Steve wanted consensual blackmail and after long chats and a signed contract, this pathetic little sissy slave was made to do so many things for my entertainment including cum eating chores which she hated!

kinky blackmail


Mistress loved meeting up with this pathetic slave and abusing him using her power over him to make him do what she wanted.
I have done both webcams shows with this pathetic slut as well as met him in real life and abused him.

He ended up buying out of his blackmail clause as his work had to send him away for 2 months so he sent me the feed fine £150 as agreed and I decided I wanted some fun humiliating him on my blog much to his embarrassment
If you like and want to watch then  you can check them out live on free chats or tranny cams you can watch real live  and shemales or you can come visit Mistress live online now

bws1  bws2bws3

Maybe you would rather watch  maybe you want to be a shemale and want to chat to other shemales about the experience or where to start with changing your life to be a shemale perhaps you like the idea of forced feminization and want to see how you may end up looking if Mistress decides you have to become a shemale or you have to suck a shemale whatever the fantasy you can see live free  right here


Blackmail Punishments From Mistresses


From Mistress because you have failed in your punishments loser. When i  say jump you say “how high Mistress” understand this idiot? Mistress takes it very seriously when idiot losers disobey or don’t keep up to their end of the agreed contract.


Why oh why you would not do as your told is beyond me, you know the consequences you signed the contract we agreed to the terms and then you disobey me. Perhaps I need to refresh some of you. Perhaps wifey needs to know what you have been up to, or perhaps your boss should see the pictures I have of you, or maybe I should post them all over your facebook page loser. As some of you know I am on your facebook page as a friend and I will stay quiet and not say a word UNLESS you disobey me or annoy me in any way what so ever.

Are my new slaves ready to show me how committed they will be? Are any new slaves ready to devote all their time and life to me? Do you need to be owned, controlled stripped of any decision making in your life as Mistress will control that?

Are you ready for tasks ready to do jobs and chores and run errands for Mistress?

If so you Can prove this by tributing your mistress now.

Either book a blackmail webcam show with Mistress to discuss how we take this further or visit one of the many other Mistress webcam sites with virtual dominatrixes waiting to strip you of your rights

I have added a new video today as well so keep watching as I add new content on this blog of bdsm scenarios I like to watch

and power I love them both, I love being worshipped and adored, have you always wondered about femdom and hot it would be to be owned and controlled by a very powerful women who just loves femdom scenario, who  loves to laugh at your little pathetic joke for a penis. Live  from very cruel Mistresses


Blackmail Fantasy Roleplay With Mistress LatexDeLux

bfrwml1 bfrwml2

The other night, while I was peeking on my most cherished blackmail fantasy roleplay Mistresses web page I stumbled upon the brown-haired Mistress right here in the adult bdsm chat part of the site. She calls herself LatexDeLux and I have to confess that her screen name drew my attention right from the beginning. It’s only later that I figured out the fact that she isn’t a regular adult bdsm chat host, but a sex bondage naughty entertainer, who herself has a weakness for latex, which she pleases on xxx cams live, with guys like you and me that are haunted by the same sex dreams This bdsm Mistress loves to tease us fetishists who love latex and pvc she loves the fantasy blackmail roleplays and financial domination, and she does it so well. This Mistress knows how to move around on webcam and how to make you submit more and feel weaker and weaker each time, she plays the game and we are her puppets, her weak useless slaves her pathetic slaves she loves to exploit.Even though she has a wicked smile she is an evil Mistress looking at every possible way to exploit you and destroy you, to take you that 1 step further into her bdsm web. Her control and power will blow you away so don’t miss out. Enjoy this  freak in the future when you’ll feel the need to talk to some one about your fetish for latex, cause LatexDeLux will be more than happy to have extra company in her xxx cams live  room. This one is hooked on sex bondage in the most authentic way, not pretending that she is the majority of cam girls. Her favourite types of shows are weak blackmail slaves for blackmail fantasy roleplay as well as financial domination

Perhaps you enjoying watching live or to be told you wil be forced to suck a trannys big juicy cock? Perhaps that is part of the blackmail for you. That I force  you to date ahow humiliating would that be for my pathetic little slaves

Having beein interested in  for almost 15 years i love nothing more than degrading, owning and using weak pathetic little men who can not control themselves when around superior women like me. Youlneed to be trained by me, to be controlled and used brain washed and to serve a proper femdom at all times


Blackmail Search Results



So today i had a massive spike in visitors to this  blackmail blog and decided to look at some stats , yes yes i hear you say boring. But in actual fact it was highly entertaining for Mistress seeing what types of things some of her losers type into google when searching for blackmail scenarios. I think i laughed so much i ruined all of my perfect make up i had on to do my blackmail webcam sessions today.

so here it goes below is some of the search  terms that have landed blackmail slaves to my blog. Yes this is what people type into google

Good morning google i need a blackmail mistress thanks

Is google better than yahoo to find a blackmail mistress

Blackmail me mistress i am a slave
Mistress blackmail slave is sweating
Mistress blackmails slave is running
Mistress blackmail don’t tell wifey please
Mistress porn blackmail slave runs for the hills
Please blackmail me mistress
mistress blackmail expose slaves secrets
play the game mistress blackmail me
oh no I’m being blackmailed help mistress pleasssse

Slave heart races mistress blackmails

is there mistresses on google who blackmail thanks

This is just a small list of how some people land on my blog and i have to say i am very much a stats person who looks to see how you all arrive here on my blackmail blog but some of the searches are hilarious so keep it up losers you are indeed very funny and do not realise just how much

If you searched any of the terms above then loser you gave me a very entertaining read tonight

I will update this with other funny google search terms to my blogs and sites as they are fun.

Mistress running for the hills now as slaves are sweating as they are  being blackmailed LOL!!!


To all my loser slaves who ask google questions please note google is not a person it will not say good morning back to you just type your search term  that’s all that is needed GOOGLE IS NOT A PERSON !!!!