Another blog post was written by a pathetic slave who has been financially drained many times as well as blackmailed. He really is pathetic I told him I wanted 500 words but when I checked it turns out he wrote 474 words, that is just not good enough! He should know better than to make a stupid mistake like that

Now he has to decide if I find him £40 or make him write 4000 words will keep you updated on my decision. He knows he has to do whatever I demand as I have too much on him, few clicks of the mouse and I end his world as he once knew it. The reason I am letting him decide is that I know he will hate both and struggle to choose one. He will reply to a comment for you all to see – Humiliated slaves click here

financial domination

Mistress, here is my essay as instructed. Hopefully, it is OK for you.

thank you for the task

If you have established a relationship with a Mistress, either in real life or online then financial domination should be the next step in your devotion and submission to your Mistress.

It is one of the most submissive acts that a slave can undertake for his Mistress. Just think of the loss of power and control you would experience as your Mistress controlled your life. You would spend all day not knowing what her next demand would be or how much it will cost you, gradually being pulled deeper and deeper into her power.

Of course, this can be taken to extreme lengths too. The Mistress may decide to keep increasing the steaks depending on how things are developing. Many slaves actually want this extreme form of financial control. Having no access to their bank accounts, their Mistress deciding on how much they can have to live on. Slowly and surely she can take you to the brink of ruin and turn you into nothing but a subservient money pig for her. Your life changed forever.

And don’t think it is just the money the Mistress is interested in, although that is nice, it’s the power she has over the lowly slave that is just as important. The total power of controlling their slaves’ life, not for an hour or two, but for 24/7 is a very big attraction to many Mistresses.

Of course, there are many levels this practice can be undertaken on. It works well with blackmail, all your details in the hands of your Mistress. If you upset her or fail to comply with her orders, will she phone your wife or friends or publish your details online? That should be enough to keep any slave in line.

Of course, it doesn’t have to go down the extreme financial ruin route. If you have agreed on limits beforehand, such as in a contract, then the Mistress will stick to these limits for the duration of the agreement. Unless of course you are so entwined in her web that you agree, or even beg, to be pushed harder.  That is the thing with submitting in this way, you just never know where it will lead as your Mistress gradually breaks down any will you have to resist her demands.

So really for all slaves thinking of going down this road then what you will experience is a loss of control and a level of service that you have never been subjected to before. A real sense of submission and of being owned by someone far superior to you are.

Sounds tempting.  Doesn’t it?

Written by loser twat John

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