Well i was surfing around tonight and answering emails to many of my blackmailed slaves,sending out all of their tasks to be done over the next few days or else they will face the consequences of their pictures being added all over my websites and link lists.  So of course all tasks have been completed and all fines have been paid , i then stumbled across a new site i had not seen before and found it rather interesting. The site is a  site to hook up with other people into the whole bdsm scene and fetish scene but the good thing is it’s people who live close by so you will find mistresses/girls who are into what you are into . I decided to take the plunge and sign up and look for some more  slaves to do consenual blackmail with and wow was i innundated with emails from potential new playmates to abuse and have fun with….. How lucky am i. This site also has   as well as . This site is deffo worth a look and a join  to meet other like minded people. I had some fun and gained a few new play mates both male and female ones.

I just never get sick of watching my puppets on a string worrying about their blackmail scenario and where it will go and what will happen to them if they do not obey and those begging to lower the buy out fee, but where is the fun in that for me? Why should i make your life so easy?

Blackmail fantasy is one of my favourite pass times and roleplays and i do it very well. To have you worried and sweating every day that  i may blow your cover gives me great satisfaction lol.

Have you got the guts or courage to enter a consenual blackmail scenario with ukMistresslivecam

Blackmail fantasy Mistress

Blackmail fantasy Mistresses are all over the internet, make sure you read what you are signin up to and that it is infact consenual blackmail and a fantasy role play that you are entering into. Maybe you want to be forced to be a like these trannies or maybe i should make you visit some  to give you real lessons

and BDSM dating profiles

you can browse some of the bdsm dating site profiles by   or perhaps you would like  to visit some  or be forced to visit them as part of your training

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