The Joys of Wanking to a Real Orgasm

Now that Mistress has claimed Her cock back as Her property, being able to wank without
permission or supervision is no longer something that I am able to do. That privilege is
reserved for Mistress and other people who matter.

Slaves do not matter, slave sluts even less so. I no longer have the right to an orgasm
or even to touch Mistress’ property without Her permission.

Now I am under lock and key for Mistress. Her cock is encased in a plastic prison secured
with a metal padlock. Clunk, Click… a trapped dick… once so slutty and promiscuous is
now helplessly trapped and now it must remain.

I must be tortured and trained. That is what Mistress wants and what She will get. So now
in a particularly sadistic turn of events I must now remind myself and all that read this
of the joys of being able to wank and to experience a satisfying release.

Something that is an ever more distant memory with every day that passes.

The first part of a good wank is just to feel that hardness in your hand; to feel the
strength and virility that is embodied in your member. Powerful, pulsing and urgent, it
feels so potent in your hand as you grasp it firmly and start to move it up and down.

Feeling the erection sliding through your fingers, maybe moaning as you think of the
recipient of your attention. Maybe a video clip you are watching or some pornographic
photographs with an erotic image forever frozen in time.

I start slowly at first, really enjoying the feeling… it really is like no other, even
sex is not quite the same… sometimes better (way better), sometimes worse but always
different. You know how to please yourself most of all and this is the most luxurious
embodiment of selfish lust…

Oh Yes… even now thinking about it Mistress cock stirs to hardness, pulling my balls
tight until the pain is quite intense. I remember how this felt… I desperately want more.

Slowly you build up the pace as you get more and more turned on, maybe those memories from
the wank-bank are filtering through: Images, feelings, smells and sounds that have aroused
you so much in the past they are held forever in your head for moments like this..

Oh my…. it feels so good…. faster and faster. The slut within me wants out now and I
cannot hold it back… I moan gutturally, animalistic in my need…



I can feel the surge building in the balls as they tighten and the shaft becomes ramrod
stiff… pulling and twitching in my hand… I look down at the images… so turned on..
waiting for just the right moment…

Every man has the moment… when they know it is time to blow their load… the right images,
the right girl or guy in the right place… I used to think of Mistress and Her body…

That is how far into my head She is…

I build up to the crescendo… balls so heavy… tight and waiting.. I’m so close to the

I tip over as I start to gush, hand tight around, milking it slowly as I bask in the surge
of pleasure… Wow… it used to feel so good…

So good.

So gone.

Reliving those feelings, Mistress cock hurting and trapped, brings me to the brink of tears.
I miss it so much more and these next few days will be even worse now. A cruel reminder of
what I have lost: Surrendered to Mistress as Her Slave.

I know now She’ll be laughing as She and others read this a see how pathetic I feel.

I hope at least it makes Her happy.